My Life Today...

To start out this blog, I'd like to introduce you to my life - still under construction after recent changes (marriage, baby-on-the-way, etc.).

I'm working part time - teaching Health with an online high school. It's their first year and it's interesting and sometimes frustrating being on the maiden voyage of a school learning environment. The biggest challenge I'm facing is motivating students enough that they'll stick with the program. We've had too many jump overboard already. The learning curve is steep, but with anything in life, if you stick with it, you'll reap the rewards (I sure hope so...)

Besides working 2-6 hours a day (depending on need), I've been eating a lot, taking naps, and trying to find meaning in life through hobbies, music, and writing. (I'm not a pig or a sloth - making a baby is a big job...) I could share my recent experiences with the symphony orchestra I have joined, but I'm afraid after today, my take on things might be a little jaded. Let's just say I probably need some more practice, private lessons, a new violin/bow, and a lot of encouragement.

Here's my thought for today: "Stay in college where the future looks gloriously full of opportunities!!" (Ok, I'm working on finding them...)

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