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I Thought Things Would Slow Down

So much for my goal of posting more often! I intend to do much better in 2024!  I love this week between Christmas and New Years because it's such a great time to reflect on the good memories, the struggles, the things I want to improve on, and dreams for next year. Here we go!!  Confessions: So...I just tried to dye my gray hairs red with the natural stuff from the store [no clue what I'm doing] and now I have faint pink whisps around my temples. I've been struggling with hair loss and more gray coming in and I'm not accepting it very well!! Turning forty has only made me want to hold on to my youth all the more. Any advice?  I must admit that I thought my life would slow down a bit after switching to part time employment, but the last six months have zoomed by! It might have something to do with taking on a tutoring side gig and treating travel like a third job...  Peter was excited when I said my new life would involve more time for cooking and baking, but I've b

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