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Multiple Lives to Live

I've had big thoughts lately. Like meaning of life stuff. What is success? What things are the most important? What brings happiness and fulfillment? What do I need for self care? What do others need from me and what should they do themselves? What dreams are worth pursuing? What is a balanced life?  Obviously the makings of a mid-life crisis. 🤪 I'm kinda wondering how long my mid-life will last, because I'm definitely partial to having things figured out.  Since the last time we talked: I cycled 60 miles on the Tucson Loop Trail . I spent Spring Break in Belize .  I explored New Orleans and went to a fun concert.  And then I did a quick tour of Europe from Istanbul to Copenhagen to the countryside of Bulgaria !  Nobody can say I'm letting my flight benefits go to waste! We can definitely say that the itch is being scratched.  But there are still plenty of days where I wonder what in the world I'm doing. Part of my problem (read: guilt/discontentment/self-doubt)

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