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Telling People Stuff, Otherwise Known as Accountability

This is probably not a surprise to many of you, but I've found it beneficial to make public my intentions as a way to find motivation and it seems to actually help me get things done. Wow! Lists of destinations for 2024, ideas of cool things to do before I turned 40, recipes I want to make, goals to achieve, books to read... The flip side is that if I don't say I'll do something, I usually don't! :p  So the moral of the story is: I need to tell y'all what I'm going to do so I'll do it! I posted a list of travel destinations and I've already been to two of them with plans for two more this month!! Driving down Highway 1 in Florida and exploring Key West was a dream come true and Nordic skiing near Kelowna , BC with friends was pretty fantastic too! I have also said I will learn to speak Spanish and I'm continuing to work toward that goal! I have a 190 day streak on Duolingo now!! Now for the guitar/mandolin/piano/exercise goals... The tricky part ab

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