About Us

We are a fun-loving family who love a little adventure now and then [although the kids don't want to travel as much as they used to]. Over the next few years, there will probably be more mom/dad trips! We've had great times camping with friends and some of us still love a good road trip [me!!].

There's a daddy who has a solid relationship with his laser cutter in the garage. He rides his bike on its trainer in the winter and often rides to work in the summer. He bakes delicious muffins, adds garlic to everything, and fixes anything that breaks around the house.

He makes sure the boys get their daily dose of chase and tickle and keeps the bike tires aired up and the chains greased. He likes to travel internationally with his two wheels and doesn't mind making new friends along the way, especially with WarmShowers hosts.

There's a mommy who loves a bowl of yogurt with coconut and dark chocolate and especially enjoys riding both her road bike and her mountain bike. She has spent the last eighteen years either teaching her own kids or a classroom full of little ones, but has recently decided to embark on new adventures [think: airplanes]. She survives the winter months snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, but comes alive when spring melts the snow and clears off the bike trails.

She's the one who would most like to be permanently traveling, on trains, planes, scooters...exploring and taking pictures of everything she sees. She greatly enjoys traveling internationally and has been blessed with opportunities to raise awareness about humanitarian work in EthiopiaGuyanaHaiti, and Greece. She posts travel content at nearandfar.us and can be reached at peteandbuzz{at}gmail{dot}com.

There's a sixteen-year-old who plays the piano by ear and writes music using FL Studio. He loves vintage computers and sound equipment. He has lined our house with Christmas lights and synced everything with music for the best show in town, is learning to play the trumpet, and is getting really skilled with videography and web design. He'll be jumping into the running start program at our community college soon, and he will soon find out what Calculus and Physics for Engineers are like! Hopefully, he'll find a fantastic job where he can keep doing all the things he loves. 

He hasn't wanted to get his driver's permit yet, but is loving his new e-bike and the freedom that affords. His favorite thing to eat is cheese and once he had a birthday cake made out of sourdough bread and cheese. He plays the flute, piano, several other random instruments and is a member of the Varsity Bell Choir.

There's a fourteen-year-old who skis with reckless abandon. He's either bouncing around the house, spinning and flipping across the furniture, or throwing perfect spirals with the football. He's a sports guy, for sure, playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and anything else athletic. He set some PRs on the track and field team, throwing the javelin and the discus, as well as the high jump! He wants to be a pilot when he grows up and is so grateful to be getting flying lessons from Grandpa!

He would eat mommy's deluxe bowl of yogurt three times a day if he could. He spends a lot of time flying planes [if not Grandpa's 180, Luscombe, or one of his several RC planes, then he's using a flight simulator] and this kid probably watches the most YouTube of anyone in the family. 

Thanks for visiting -- hope you find some inspiration to live life well. :)