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Day Thirty-One / "Here We Come a Waffleing"

{words with friends} hi. my name is...

Day Thirty / "Pizzacatto"

Day Twenty-Nine / Eat Your Vegetables!

Day Twenty-Eight / "South of the Border"

Day Twenty-Seven / "Country Buffet"

Day Twenty-Six / "Fall in a Cup"

Day Twenty-Five / "Little and Snappy"

Day Twenty-Four / "The Bunny"

{words with friends} self care

Day Twenty-Three / Time Saving Tips

Day Twenty-Two / "Cold Pizza is Cool"

{reallife} a quick survey of life

Day Twenty-One / "Summer Fling"

Day Twenty / "Hello Kitty"

{GIVEAWAY} Day Nineteen / Earth Friendly Lunch Packing

{faith} he arms me with strength

Day Eighteen / "Homemade Hottie"

Day Seventeen / "In Good Shape"

Day Sixteen / "Hike the Trail"

dear 72-year-old self

Day Fifteen / "Finger Food"

Day Fourteen / Homemade Fruit Rollup Roundup

Day Thirteen / "Life is Short"

pear pie

{words with friends} identity

Day Twelve / "Early Riser"

Day Eleven / "Grassroots Girl"

{reallife} confessions