{GIVEAWAY} Day Nineteen / Earth Friendly Lunch Packing

There is really no sense in throwing out multitudes of plastic that spent very little time with food in it.It is EASY to pack lunches without creating any waste. You might just need a bigger lunch bag.

There are plenty of good options for packing an earth-friendly lunch:

Here's some of what I use when packing Peter's lunches:
Perfect thermos for hot soup or cold salad. Perfect straw bottle for chocolate milk or lemonade. 
Easy buckets for leftovers and small containers for pretzels or crackers.


Today's post includes a giveaway. I'm featuring two fabulous Etsy shops that make reusable sandwich bags and more. You're gonna love their stuff!

Ready to win some cute things for your own family's lunches? You could use them for picnics too...

Check out these incredibly fun shops on Etsy {just click the banners above}.
Adorable bibs, sandwich/snack bags and more.

Congratulations to Jennifer A. for having your name picked at random.
Hope you enjoy the reusable bags!