{reallife} confessions

You know? Sometimes with all this 31 crazy-days of something-or-other I get really lonely and need to just type until my fingers hurt and then read all your comments and smile and feel connected to the world out there. Beyond school lunches.

Because now that I'm almost done and the posts are almost all scheduled, I just really want to do something else. And let someone else do the cooking for about a month.

It makes me think about the whole "make your job something you love" bit. Like you shouldn't just put in your eight hours, you should make a living from a hobby you enjoy. You should totally love working. It sounds so completely euphoric. And unrealistic. Because even if I designed my dream job taking photos or matching fabrics or blogging-every-day-of-the-stinkin-month, there's gonna be parts of it that get downright annoying. You do one thing too much and it gets old.

Part of life is learning how to keep plowing through the field after the novelty has worn off.

I'm still learning how to make that enjoyable. When I can't believe it's laundry day AGAIN. Already. And I'm too tired to get the camera out because my hard drive is full of pictures anyway and I'm gonna have to sort through and delete and burn onto discs and delete and...

Life can be a drag sometimes. We just have to keep going.

But wowie wow, looking at these photos makes me wonder if kids have a different world view? Just look at the silly, the happy, the unburdenedness. Talk to me about this. What's their secret?

I had a whole mental list of funny/interesting things to confess tonight and I can't think of even one. I'm going to stare at the ceiling for a minute.


I even titled my whole post "confessions". This is really bad.

I should have titled it "goodnight laundry" or "you get five minutes to unwind starting NOW" or "you poor mom".

I think I was going to tell you about the washcloth drama and how my husband was using my purple cloth because he thought it was brown and how grumpy I was. Yeah, and if I had written about it earlier in the day it might have been more funny.

I confess. I forgot all my confessions.

A sweet reading of Goodnight Moon, a pile of dirty dishes and a pile of clean laundry will do that to you.

More enjoyable pile = pile of straw bales. This slide is FAST and FUN. It's only up for the month of October. We need to scurry back a few more times this month. 

Random Things:  
Ezra's front bicycle tire goes flat about three minutes after pumping it up. I pumped it up three times tonight. He comes to me sorrowfully saying, "it's squish again".

Peter is making friends at school. He jumps out the car window to play hide and seek with them. No time to open doors.

Sunsets are beauteous and timed perfectly this time of year -- right before bedtime. Making for a calm, easy transition to story time and sleeping under the cover of darkness.

Our just-around-the-corner friends are moving out to the country. Still technically in the same town, but without the ease that comes with being neighbors. I've always been the one to move away, never the one left behind. It feels very different. We will miss them so so much.

It's like everything is saying goodbye this time of year. The sun. The leaves. The warmth. The gardens. Finishing words, closing statements. Drying up and falling off.

I know, I'm feeling sad. It's just a phase. I'll be OK. 
You know he loved the corn maze, don't you? And the chocolate before the corn maze. 

Sorry I don't have a tidy little bow at the end of all my rambles. My best attempt would be STAY CALM AND PLOW ON.