"YMCA...YMCA...You Can Get A Good Meal"

Got the song stuck in your head now?? hehe

Yep - I went out and done it - I joined the YMCA! It's really the doctor's fault - she stressed the importance of exercise until I nearly hit the floor in spontaneous pushups (I felt pretty guilty). But the trouble with living where we do is that any outdoor exercise is like dodging through a field of asteroid-sized raindrops! Pretty yucky outside in the winter, yes. So, instead of investing in thousands of dollars worth of machines and gismos, I took a tour of the local Y and liked what I saw! Fortunately I still fit in the Youth category - yay!!! - so it was a lot cheaper than the family rate.

I decided I better check it out today - gotta get the most for my money of course - so I did 3 miles on the stationary bike, 1 mile on the treadmill, and a couple minutes on the eliptical machine (phew, those things make you burn!). Felt good - got sweaty - developed quite an appetite - now I need a nap...