Honesty - the best policy?

Lately I've been pondering the quality of honesty in conversation. It seems that with the level of friendship, one becomes more and more honest in conversation, divulging how they 'really feel'. With casual friends, it is so easy to glaze over the truth, giving it a more glowing, positive exterior. Is this because we want people to like us for our wonderful lives, superior in every way? Or because we're afraid we'll scare them away with the deep, dark realities of life.

Well, since this blog is about real life, I'm going to turn over a new leaf today and begin to be more honest with others, whether I've known them since 2nd grade or just met them at my Baby Signs class (that's harder). I really believe that the best friendships are formed when we divulge information about ourselves that maybe we're not proud of or that maybe doesn't smell as good as warm raisin bread. It gives the other person an opportunity to identify a little more personally with us (or just say, wow, that person really didn't need to share all those smelly details with me...). I guess it's worth the risk - I miss the openness I've had with friends in the past and with the new life I'm living, something's gotta give in the area of socializing! I'm tired of small talk and no closeness.

So here goes, I hate being sick and losing my dinner in the sink while brushing my teeth...and it's really lousy when I get a headache and can't take any painkillers...and I really want to teach piano, but I'm scared of the little kids who don't know which is their right thumb...and, believe it or not, I get really nervous when I need to call someone on the phone, but it feels so good when I break down and call them and end up having a really good conversation! I also really love the sunny crisp fall days we're having right now, but talking about the weather is pretty close to small talk, isn't it...

"It's not January 1, 2007, but I've got a resolution..."