Baby Registry

A number of you have asked if we are registering for baby gear and's the answer!

We've decided not to register at all and have already made purchases at great discounts from regular store prices. We have shopped the classifieds extensively and found a crib, wind-up swing, "Johnny-Jump-Up", baby bath, Boppy nursing pillow, baby bouncer, Snugli baby carrier, really comfortable glider and ottoman, infant carseat, highchair, and manual breast pump. We have also purchased a starter kit of cloth diapers - we'll try each of them on Peter until we find a favorite and then order some more.

We're still looking for a used changing table, jogging stroller, and a "Pack n'Play" (portable crib).

As far as clothes and toys go...again, used clothes are in really great shape and much cheaper! So far, I've found quite a few cute things at consignment stores. Here's what we still need:

0-3 Months
cotton undershirts

3-6 Months
summer outfits

6-12 Months
warm socks
winter outfits
warm hat

12-18 Months
summer outfits
overalls :)

We're not in favor of loud obnoxious toys that aren't at all educational!!! :) (Tim actually disagrees with me here...but he has much to learn...) Peter will probably like some colorful toys, maybe some teethers, etc. You know more about being parents than we do, however, so be creative! Legos and other building equipments are always highly sought after...

Peter would, of course, love homemade gifts too - those are very memorable. :-)

If you would like to sponsor something that we have already purchased or suggest something else we might need, please let us know! Peter thanks you (kick, kick)!