Recent dialogue that frustrates me...

Stranger in Postal Annex: "Oooh, you are too cute - what are you, about 5 months?"
Me: (No, actually I'm almost seven months...hmph)
Water Aerobics Instructor: "How many weeks along are you, anyway?" (26) "Oh, that's about half-way, isn't it? (I don't know where you learned math, but I'd call it closer to 2/3rds...)
Fellow swimmer: "I can't believe I'm as big as you at only 13 weeks!"
Me: (Girly, you need to get your eyes checked - you have a pooch and I have a bowling ball...)
Husband: "How much do you weigh now - more than me??"
Me: (turning boiling red) "I'm not answering that question!!!"
What kind of answer can I give someone who calls me his "Pillsbury Dough-Girl" and "'Lil Dump Truck"??

Why must everyone either underestimate or overestimate me??? grrr....

Thanks for sharing in my moments of insanity...