I'm One Year Old!!

Yep -- my mom threw me an awesome birthday party on Tuesday, the 20th. I was so excited to see all my little friends and to eat cake for the first time! There were pretty balloons and streamers and friends and even presents! I got some fun new toys to play with -- thanks everyone!

Before the cake -- I'm still clean! Happy birthday to me!

The cake everyone else got to eat -- colorful, don't you think?

Bring it on, Mom -- now this I can handle!

I think this is for me -- wow, looks delicious!

It's a kiwi and I'm going to eat the whole thing!!

Ya, I'm a hands-on kinda guy. Gotta feel it -- explore it -- taste it.

There's cool whip in my hair! What a mess...

And some of you might want to see the whole action-packed party...