Our "Fakation"

Or you could call it a National Disaster. There have definitely been high points (bride kissing groom while bell tolls) but much of our vacation has been pretty rough. Peter hasn't felt very comfortable at night (waking up around 2-3am each morning) so we have a sleep debt of about 8 hours.

The mess factor has been pretty high too. We don't have any pictures, but if you could see Peter's car seat (actually if you could smell it), you'd understand. If you have kids, maybe you can guess how this happened. Yam/banana/milk guts everywhere.

We did have a fantastic time playing with Hana and Sola in Battleground. Peter really enjoyed playing with their toys -- a nice break from hotel rooms and church foyers.

We did eat breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes since the hotel lacked that feature, but haven't had the chance to hit the pool yet. And we really haven't taken any pictures. :( Too sleep-deprived, I guess.

Anyway, next time we go on a vacation we'll bring personal babysitters, a playroom full of toys and a better option for Peter's sleeping space (he's getting too big for his portable crib). This time, we are so tired all we want to do is go home and recover from our vacation, if you can call it that. :)