Marshmallow Baseball

It isn't widely known, but all agree -- a very enjoyable game!

Marshmallow baseball is meant to level the playing field, in a way. You might think you're pretty hot stuff, but with a marshmallow and a blow-up bat in your hand, your temperature may plummet.

It's simple -- players on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, with a couple outfielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. Optimally at least three people in the batting order. You score points by running around the bases to home and at every 'out' the players rotate one position.

How do you tag someone 'out' you might ask? Well, touching the base before they do (with marshmallow in hand) is still important, but you can also whip that marshmallow at the running victim, trying to hit them with it before they get to base! Dodging marshmallows all the way home...

We used Coconut Frosted Marshmallows this time -- because they seemed heavier and maybe easier to catch/throw. However, they were quite camouflaged by the grass/sky. Next time we're planning to find some of the red strawberry variety for easier viewing (see below).

I wish I had some pictures to show you -- next time. It's become a fantastic summer evening our big backyard called Lions Park.