My Little 'Helper'

This morning a good friend and I took our children (just a month apart) to pick more blueberries. Since we've already accumulated more than 150 pounds, I decided to take Peter and see what an adventure it would be.

A beautiful cool morning with luscious berries and good conversation! Well, until Peter tired of helping mommy pick and decided to take off down the row, through some poop (who made that mess??), darting between bushes into other rows, taking berries from other picker's buckets, and screaming and kicking whenever I picked him up! Can you just see me, traipsing after him, crawling on hands and knees between the bushes, trying to keep up with my adventurous son?!

At one point, I was following after both kidlets. I received some questioning glances from other pickers ('they're close in age!') -- ya, they're not both mine. Haha! What a crazy idea...two kids!!

Sorry, no pictures this time. I didn't need more to hang onto. My sunglasses didn't even survive. We managed to procure just under five pounds. That's all!! But it was fun and we will always remember it!