Sharing Jesus with Children

As a parent, often I consider how to nurture a love for Jesus in the heart[s] of my child[ren]. A favorite blogger writes about a radio broadcast exploring the joy of sharing God with our children. If you have the time (please make time), listen to this 53 minute program. It's been so meaningful to me. I feel like it needs exploring beyond this small moment. My mind wants to chew on this more.

I've wondered -- why do we have two words for the same thing [religion and spirituality]? I love this definition heard as part of this broadcast:
Spirituality is a sense of transcendence or a recognition that there is something greater than ourselves and a perception that all life is interconnected.

Religion anchors those spiritual experiences and gives them a language in which to speak.
She gives the example of Moses getting the ten commandments from Mount Sinai -- his experience at the top of the mountain was a spiritual experience. He came back radiant! The ten commandments in stone represent religion -- the lasting representation of a spiritual experience.

Krista Tippett, host of Speaking of Faith, also has a
published journal, sharing her reactions to each broadcast. Here's an excerpt from "The Spirituality of Parenting":
"They {children} need to hear how we think about large questions of meaning, and about what experience has taught us. They need to hear our questions and our stories."
The guest on her show, Sandy Sasso, has written a children's book, entitled God's Paintbrush. Read the reviews -- this book might be a gem! I think I'll order it and take a closer look at the theology.