My kitchen is clean again!

I just spent a couple hours cleaning the kitchen. Scrubbing the counters, floors, washing piles of dishes, picking up corn silk off the rug and throwing away bags of corn husks/cobs. It was a corn massacre!

A friend and I processed eight dozen ears of corn while our babies played together (and slept, separately). We estimated way too high -- hoping to get 25 quarts each (see thing #3) and only getting six quarts each. Can you believe it?!! It takes 8 ears of corn to fill up one quart bag. Mind you, Tim says I filled them too full. So, maybe I could have filled 8 bags. Still, that's a lot of work for a small profit!

Regardless, the corn tastes great and was actually a very fair price from a very nice farmer. We've decided to do this again in a week or so, despite the mess it makes. We had a great time chatting and didn't discover *too* many little green worms...