My reward for two years...

It's been two full years since we said "I do" (except we didn't say that -- less formal vows). Hard to believe? Well, the time has flown by for me, what with being pregnant and raising a beautiful boy and trying to fit in fun and adventure into all the cracks. We are loving each other and our lives!

So, Tim thought my reward for putting up with him for so long should be a new mountain bike. Really, he would have insisted I get a new bike whether it was our anniversary or not. My now old bike would lose its back wheel whenever I tried to accelerate under load (which was all the time since I've been elected to pull the Chariot). Not good when trying to cross a busy intersection.

So, I was given the assignment to choose a bike I liked. It was to have front suspension (preferably RockShox), Shimano shifters, uhhh -- and Tim goes into more detail. I was looking for a color I liked. We ended up shopping at the local bike shop since buying a bike mail order could pose a number of different problems. Tim didn't really want to get a box full of spokes and be responsible for putting it all together correctly.

I tested a few different brands/sizes and decided I liked the Specialized bikes best. Choosing a size was a bit more difficult. The 19" fit a bit better, but the 17" was in a gorgeous shade of green. Of course, I soon had everyone making fun of me ("we could spray paint it pink" or "I've got some pretty tassels in the back") and ended up going for the practical and well-fitting blue bike. Blue matches everything, right?

Here you'll see my old bike (torn seat, rusted everything, wheel falling off -- Tim calls it a piece of junk). It was serving me well, or so I thought. But could have been very dangerous. Thank you hunny. My new bike rides very nicely and shifts like a dream. Much better. I'm excited to have a new ride!