Overcoming Odors, and Absentmindedness

So today has been spent continuing to air out the house, burning incense, washing towels, bedding, etc. I managed to make some progress on the outside of the stove, but I'll leave the inside for next week. Right now, my main goal is to enjoy breathing the air. Smoke has a bad habit of loitering.

You see, yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to self-clean the oven. Haven't done it in awhile and it was high time the little black piles were cleaned up. What I didn't think to do was open the oven door and peek inside before pressing the CLEAN button. What ensued wasn't clean at all.

At first, I thought...'Oooh, that's a bit smokey...I hope that clears up soon.' Then, 'uhh, is all this smoke really necessary? I know it's doing the job, but this seems excessive.' The house was becoming quite filled with smoke and I thought it best to grab Peter and go outside. In the meantime, I called a friend.

To shorten the long, detailed, and emotional story, I'll just say that I managed to reenter the house (holding my breath and closing my eyes) just long enough to hit CANCEL on the stove. Hard to do when you can't see or take a breath. Eyes smarting and lungs aching...oh wait, I was going to shorten the story.

Was it the stove's fault? Did it malfunction in some way? Nope. Did I forget to turn on the fan? Nope. Did I leave something in the oven that would produce a lot of smoke when burned at high temperatures? Yep. A yummy, fresh pan of granola lost due to my absentmindedness. And what a mess to clean up! I think this is one of my worst blunders. All I can say is I hope I learn from this mistake.