I'm not what you would call a shopaholic. I often make due with a limited wardrobe, complaining over ill-fitting clothes and unhappy with the options presented each morning. You know the routine -- trying on half the clothes in your closet to find a good combination. Tim doesn't understand. He is happy with two pair of jeans, five or so shirts, exercise shorts, one church get the idea.

Well, if someone asks me what I did this week, my answer will have to be 'shopped till I dropped'. It was time to replenish my cold-weather stash and maybe just satisfy my inner longing for new things. Why do we females place so much value on outward appearance? Probably because we're driven to be beautiful...innately trying to attract the opposite sex. Does it work? Nope. Much like the idea of clean dishes, functionality is Tim's only concern. It doesn't have to match or flatter, just cover the body appropriately.

Like the girl Kim Anderson represents in this picture, I had moments of sheer joy. This is more likely to happen in the changing room than at the cash register. I do enjoy the thrill of a good find and I'll love wearing my new clothes, but it's all very exhausting and so should be done only a few times each year, if possible.