Politically Speaking

'Tis the season for arguing and debate. I wasn't expecting my blog to be the host for political banter but I should have realized I was taking that risk. So here I am, again risking your loyalty and praise by posting a few more of my political thoughts.

I've been listening to 'APM' again. Something about Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett just seems to capture my attention. I like the clear and distinct way she and her guests discuss things. I like the purity and sincerity in her voice. I like the background music.

The last two weeks the topic has been about (what else?) the Democratic and Republican parties. She takes it beyond the issues to the FAITH Life of the Part[ies]. She first interviews an Episcopalian Democrat with deep religious roots, and then an Eastern Orthodox Republican who grows organic and wears Birkenstocks.

Does anyone see the contradictions here? Stereotypically, the Democrats haven't been known for their religiosity. Republicans have been the party to stand firm for religious values and morality. Democrats usually tout environmentalism and governmental control while the Republican party sends their sons to war and wants the government out of their lives. Am I right??

I am getting to the point. I'll hurry it up.

It seems that there are many voters these days (like the two guests on Tippett's show) who aren't polar Republican or Democrat. Their values/beliefs/behaviors are crossing party lines. Anyway, take it or leave it. I just found it thought-provoking.

The title of this guy's book is hilarious -- "Crunchy Cons: How Birkenstocked berkeans, gun-loving organic gardeners, evangelical free-range farmers, hip home-schooling mamas, right-wing nature lovers, and their diverse tribe of counter-cultural conservatives, plan to save America -- or at least the Republican Party".

If you're interested in such things, this post is for you. However, I plan to keep my blog relatively politics free from now on.