The Privacy Act

In response to a few comments in reference to The Great Wall, YES -- the new fence does provide a lot more privacy. And this is a good thing. Privacy is sought after, especially in North America. We build fences, hedges, and walls, we donate anonymously, we withhold information. We really don't want YOU to find out everything about us. Come on, there has to be some mystery left, right? Something to keep your attention.

Well, sometimes privacy is forced upon us. The fence may develop overnight and surprise us with its ability to suffocate and alienate. No longer the wide open spaces or the quick access to things important. Privacy has two faces and this one is tense and insecure. It does whatever it can to isolate and create loneliness. You are alone and you can't get out.

It's not really that bad -- we have a gate! And now we can worry less about closing our shades at night (probably still a good idea, though). The biggest benefit is keeping secure the very most important thing to us -- our child. I was able to spend more time gardening/washing windows this week because he didn't have the option of escape. Only the option of dumping dirty water on himself and then crawling through the mud. But that's another story...