We're Thankful

Today the folks across the border are celebrating Thanksgiving. All my best to ya'll! We're missing the homemade perogies and other fabulous foods. Not to say that we aren't eating well here.

We celebrated with my parents a day early -- picking grapes and apples, carving pumpkins, making apple turnovers. Kind of like a harvest party. It was fun to watch Peter picking grapes off the vine, one after another going into his mouth. He loves harvesting fruit! The apple orchard was the same -- he picked a nice big one and knawed on it while we filled our boxes.

Did he still have an appetite when it came time for Potato & Lima Bean Soup and Rye Bread?? Definitely. Yum. Not a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but one that didn't add 5 pounds to our New Year's Resolutions.

The pumpkin carving didn't quite go as planned -- Tim's rendition of Sarah Palin...well, let's just say she doesn't lend herself to being carved into a pumpkin. Too much hair. LOL