Breaking Free

Peter has quickly added 'up' and 'no' to his vocabulary. I'm trying to mostly ignore his frequent 'no's since he's not meaning to be defiant yet and just having fun with the word. "Let's go out and get in the car!" ", no..." (While he's happily walking towards the door.)

'Up' is another favorite after playing a fun game at the gazebo with daddy last night -- Peter says 'up' and daddy lifts him up over the railing. He stomps around inside for a bit, bumps down the stairs and is ready to do it again! 'Up?'

New tricks include opening the dishwasher to help unload it (he even knows where the silverware goes and plops it up in the drawer), then standing on the open door so he can reach things on the counter. much weight can a door like that handle??

He later decided to empty our kitchen 'catch-all' drawer and soon had pens, permanent markers, highlighters, keys, scissors (uh-oh), matches (double uh-oh) and other paraphernalia everywhere. Course, I'm there supervising...although I didn't quite grab the highlighter in time (he has yellow lips now).

Here are some pictures of Peter trying to escape -- "I've seen them use these keys here, just how does this work?"