Trying to Keep Up

The sun is shining beautifully right now. That late afternoon glow cast across the grass and peeking past the trees. Really pretty.

Another long afternoon waiting for Peter to wake up. This week has been strange since Tim has been home sick. He has been holed up in the house since Tuesday, trying to kick illness in the butt. I've been feeling a bit less than chipper myself. But that's not news to anyone.

I'm about ready to take my secrets and my mystery number and plaster them all over a very big building so the world can see. No more hiding in the closet for me. Well, a few more days maybe. I did organize the closet today -- might as well enjoy it.

Peter has the perfect snow outfit now -- fleece pants, fleece shirt, insulated boots, snow pants, puffy jacket, mittens, toque -- now all we need is some snow! Come on, weather man! At least you could dump some in the mountains for us. :)

Be sure to wish Peter a happy 18 months today! He's such a big boy. If he wasn't sleeping, I'd snap a picture. Should have snapped one when we were playing in the falling weeping willow leaves this morning.

No more news...sorry...just keep checking back!