Which Kind of Squash??

Now I know why we don't eat squash. Not only are they monsters to open, they don't taste very good! We began this experiment a month ago or so -- trying to discover which squash to buy for autumn enjoyment.
Here are the notes we took...

Golden Acorn
-- a little bitter
-- Peter made a face and spit it out

Swan White Acorn
--worse, very squashy, gritty, stringy

Gold Nugget
--better than acorn squashes, still tastes squashy, although nice texture

Uchiki (Golden Kuri)
--smooth, mildly sweet, all it needs is salt! we could go for this one, if we liked squash (haha)

We also gave these unnamed squashes a try -- we'll call them 'white' and 'green'. They weren't much different than the rest...still squashy and stringy! I think the white one went over a bit better with Peter.

And this Spaghetti Squash is still sitting on the counter -- I know I won't like it...anyone want it?? :)