Daddy's Boy

I never envisioned this happening. Back when I awoke every three hours or so at night to feed and tend to my baby boy, I thought I would always be the primary caregiver. Tim would say, "He wants what you have!" and go back to sleep.

Whenever the baby cried, he was handed off to me. The trouble-shooter, problem-solver MOM. And I mostly enjoyed that role. It was really meaningful and fulfilling. And exhausting. I wondered what good a daddy was...when was he going to step up and help a little?

Well, just look at him now. Changing most of Peter's diapers, feeding him exciting new foods (hummus, pesto), putting him down for naps and bedtime, going for walks, playing all kinds of creative games together...they are best buds! Peter waits expectantly for daddy to get home from work and gives him the biggest smile and applause!

So we've transitioned a bit and now DAD has a bigger role to play. Leaving me free to...well, you'll hear more about that later.