Ready for a Garden?

We're not sure if this will become a tradition, but since we just received the Burpee Catalog in the mail, we decided to plan our garden for next year! I know, it's December 26th, but we needed something to remind us that one day this snow will melt and we'll be able to pick fresh tomatoes out of the garden again.

So, would you like to get a sneak peak? We're excited about renovating our garden and using the space better. We'll be staking our tomatoes right along the back fence (probably a string method like two years ago) -- cherry, grape, early girl, and beefsteak. In the corner, I want to plant a couple varieties of sunflowers -- I loved the Cappuccino variety I planted last year and plan to add in these Strawberry Blonde beauties:

Along the other fence we'll plant peas and green beans -- I really like the looks of these wax beans, hopefully they'll taste as good as they look:

Our strawberry patch follows the length of the house and was throwing out shoots like crazy late last summer. We were getting juicy red strawberries into October! What wonderful plants. Hopefully they will emerge from the snowy whiteness and blossom just as well this spring!

I'm going to try a blend of daisies, cosmos and cornflower among the blueberry and rose bushes this year:

And now for the raised beds -- it'll be our challenge to design and build them, but rewarding, I'm sure. I'm hoping to have easier access to our vegetables as well as the weeds that grow among them. We'll have a box with herbs (dill, basil, cilantro, chives), a box with onions (Walla Walla sweets, green onions, garlic), a box with rhubarb and carrots, and a box with beets, sweet potatoes, and peppers. I'm hoping these combinations will be compatible. Don't these peppers look good?

Thinking about all these beautiful and tasty things really breaks up the monotony of winter and snow. But there is a lot to be said for enjoying the season that we're in. I'm still working on that! Spring will be far more grand, but I'll do my best to wait patiently!