Snowy Whiteness

And it just keeps coming down. Tim and I can't remember seeing this much snow before in Walla Walla. You could almost call it a white-out with all the snowflakes in the air. It's really turning into a winter wonderland. If you like snow.

Me -- I grew up with this much snow and it would last 4-5 months out of the year! Fun, right? Yep, when you're a kid who loves sledding and ice-skating and building forts and tunnels. It really was a blast. But having left the Mother Country and being gone for a few years, I forgot what winter can be like! Now I am reminded.

Having good tires and 4WD/AWD is required to get to the grocery store...unless you like sliding backwards down snowy hills or spinning your tires in the parking lot. I've been having crazy fun driving around with our car. Tim says it 'eats snow for lunch'. It must have had eyes bigger than its stomach Saturday night when we got really stuck on the mountain. Typically we plow through anything.

We're still working on the Peter and snow combo. After Daddy dumped a bucket of snow on Mommy in the shower this morning, eliciting screams, Peter seems to think snow is a bit more fun. Daddy has also tried feeding it to him for breakfast. Only with maple syrup, Daddy!

Well, it's time to wrap a few packages while Peter sleeps. Happy holidays, all! Enjoy your snow while it lasts!