Another boy?

Going into the ultrasound on Monday, I had seriously mixed feelings. I knew the most important thing was to see ONE healthy baby. What a blessing from heaven just to have another baby.

But there was something inside me that I knew would be excited to see a baby girl in there. I thought I might jump up and down (if not laying on the exam table). But even deeper was the calm realization that a boy would be so familiar and comfortable.

So when the ultrasound technician pointed out the little boy parts, it was a good moment. I heard the excitement in Tim's voice and I felt my insecurities about raising a little girl disappear. And as the hours passed, I grew more content and happy about having another boy.

I love boy things -- trucks, trains, wild animals, blocks, Legos. It'll be really fun to see Peter identify with his little brother, teaching him how to play and encouraging him to walk. I'm sure they will have so much fun together.

And in order to keep our boys well-rounded, we'll continue to enjoy the company of all the girls in town!!

We'll keep you updated on the naming process...the funny thing is that we have to stop calling it 'Emie' (even Tim). :) We're pretty close to a decision, I think. Just have to convince my husband...