As Time Passes

It's Friday afternoon and I should be washing dishes. Or putting that last load of laundry in the washer. Or taking a shower. But instead I am taking a couple minutes to write on my blog, simply because it is enjoyable and I feel guilty when I miss a day!

The sunshine and 30+ minute walks lately have really improved my mood. I am so thankful that the snow/ice has melted away and the temps are back up in the high 40s and sometimes even 50s. Peter needs more exercise too, so I'll be adding that to the daily routine.

Beginning of this week, I was complaining that time was passing too slowly. Turns out, I have been neglecting a couple things that really help the day go by more smoothly. And quickly.

I spent a half hour in musical pursuits a couple days this week -- practicing piano, violin and guitar. I can hardly play the violin for more than five minutes before my forearm begins to ache. I am so out of shape!! And my technique on the piano is really slipping. Peter actually enjoys playing in his 'playpen' -- listening and watching. I think it's really good for him. I want him to develop a musical ear as well as an interest. He seems most enamored with the violin so far.

I continue to read, cook, clean, and play toys with Peter, but I'll definitely be spending more time outside now that the weather has improved. Tim is back in the habit of riding his bike to work, so our lives are drifting back towards normal after the holidays.

I'm excited about getting back into curriculum design -- just taking a couple hours here and there to think about what Kindergarten will look like for Peter. I'm almost through planning all the Math activities for one year. I'm so looking forward to starting his education at home...I know it's a long way off yet, but still fun to think about.

And I'm pretty sure I'm feeling baby #2 moving around in there...very cool. Can't wait to determine the gender on January 19th and get some boy or girl projects started! Think Tim and I should go on a weekend away before this one is born?? We'll call it a "Babymoon"!

And now, I really better jump in the shower...ciao!