Peter's New Room

It's my new project. Something that will need to be completed by mid-May, or at least that's my goal. The hardest part, I imagine, will be the transfer from safe, restricting crib life to the complete freedom and danger of a toddler bed. But unless we buy another crib, that is the risk we must take.

My chosen theme was made possible by the beautiful quilt my mom made for Peter this winter. You really have to check out the pictures of it on her blog. Peter will be living in the woods -- complete with bear, moose, evergreen trees, and animal tracks. I'll be using the predominant colors -- red, brown and green.

I'm also hoping to finish the project of refinishing the kid chairs and finding a table to match so Peter can have a little space of his own to work puzzles, draw, and color. Picture his bookshelf next to the table and chairs and then maybe a small tent or cabin (made out of a big cardboard box) in the corner by the closet. His dresser and bed in the other corner.

Notice I left out the changing table/diaper pail?? Oh, how I wish I could snap my fingers and have him potty-trained. hah That may or may not happen before baby boy #2 comes along.