Sunny Days

It's such a gorgeous, spring-like day today!! Peter has been on two walks already (one in the stroller, one with his own two legs) and we're meeting friends for another walk this afternoon!! Gotta take advantage of the warm January weather.

Having all that cold and ice and snow really makes me appreciate the sunshine and warmth. I think that's why I like seasons so the time the next one comes, I am so ready for it! It is a real joy.

Peter learned about his shadow this morning. He went for a nice long walk with Grandpa Arlen and was reported as pointing at the ground while saying 'shadow, shadow'! Amazing how quickly he is learning new things. His vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds.

I should take some pictures of the LIFE outside my window. But you wouldn't see the tiny insects flying around or the eensy sprouting buds on the bushes (really probably just in my imagination). No, everything still looks pretty dead. But with a few more of these warm, sunny days...:)