Basket Case

The term 'basket case' is said to have originated during WWI in reference to soldiers who had lost arms and legs and had to be carried off the field by others. In our day, we don't usually put such an extreme meaning to the phrase. We are likely to describe ourselves this way if we feel like a failure, without the ability to cope, or generally handicapped.

Somehow I have managed to feel all three of these today. Limping around the house because of pelvic pain isn't my idea of taking pregnancy in stride. Sitting limply in a chair while Peter clamors for my attention doesn't feel like successful parenting to me. Being unable to lift a five-gallon jug of water or a heavy bag of groceries sounds like I need to apply for a handy-dandy handicapped sign for my car.

A few days ago, I posted about my progress in the department of physical activity. Wanting to do better in the future, I aimed WAY too high. That was six days ago. Until yesterday, I had been walking/snowshoeing 2+ hours every day. Pushing through the pain. Walking until I could walk no more. Did I push myself too hard?

Now I can hardly walk across the room.

I'm hoping I will have improved significantly by the end of this week. I am currently placing myself on 'chair-rest' for as many hours out of the day as possible, hoping the symptoms will subside and I'll be able to get back to a 'normal' level of activity.