Busy Bodies

Today and yesterday have been busy days. I thought it might be worth documenting. I couldn't have even begun to do all this work without my parents' help. Here's a list of the things we've accomplished:
1. Moved the piano to the living room, blue couch to nursery, tan couch to Peter's room.

2. Moved crib, changing table, glider, Pooh decor, etc. to nursery.

3. Organized, cleaned, made livable, the garage.

4. Sorted through and organized memory boxes/school supplies/office junk.

5. Organized pantry, refilling containers with oats/flour, etc.

6. Made granola.

7. Cleaned both bathrooms.

The nursery is so pretty -- all decorated and ready to go. I'm sure I'll think of other things I need as we go along, but it's nice to have that space cleared out and earmarked 'BABY'. Makes it seem more real. I'll take some pictures for you...later. Right now I'm sitting in my chair, exhausted.