Chick Pea Curry

So tonight I needed something quick and nutritious that goes good with rice (because I've been craving rice and Peter has been signing 'rice' yesterday and today) that uses garbanzo beans (because we had a surplus of them in the fridge).

Fortunately, because the beans were already soaked and cooked, this was the easiest recipe ever!! I got the rice cooker going, dumped the beans in a pot, added a can of coconut milk and half the can of water to dilute it, and then added the following spices (you can decide how much of each -- that's the fun part!):

curry powder
chili powder

Then I added a touch of olive oil and about 14 oz of diced tomatoes in juice. It only needed to boil for 10 minutes or so and then simmer for an hour while we waited for daddy to get home. So tasty!