Tim convinced me that Peter and I need more 'snow time'. To make us really appreciate Spring. So we jumped in the car and took off for the mountain tops this morning. It helped to know that we would be driving above the thick fog enveloping our little town and up into the sunshine.

Peter's cries 'sunshine, sunshine' definitely echoed my feelings. Happy day for us! Peter rode in the comfort of his stroller on skis while Tim did his best workhorse impression and I trudged along behind reminiscent of your typical complaining donkey. heeee hawww Really, the combination of loose, aching joints, carrying an extra 30 pounds around and feeling my diminished bladder/lung capacity makes for a rather unpleasant snowshoeing companion. Tim is a really good sport. He sympathizes and tells me we don't have to have any more kids. He offers suggestions that might make me more comfortable and says what a good job I'm doing. What a great guy. :)

Now we're home -- barely in time for Peter's nap. I'm resting my sore mid-section and ready for a warm shower. But we really wanted to share these pictures with you to make you just a little jealous of what it's like to get above the fog on a day like today.