We survived January!

Yesterday was the first day of February and a happy day for me. Not because the Cardinals lost. It is because I made it through the long and historically miserable month of January!

This January actually turned out to be much more fun than most -- birthday surprises for friends and family, fun walks on the two warm days, an amazing ultrasound, fun parties with friends and games (ya Wii), yummy brunch with book club ladies, sushi dinner with friends, girls night out for dinner and a movie, storytime at the library, and even a romantic getaway with my husband! Nothing to complain about there. :)

So we're entering February, another potentially cold/gray month that only shows hints of spring and not the real thing. But we're that much closer! And as I've proved above, we can have fun in these cold, dismal months too!

Here's to fun with family and friends -- hope our February turns out fabulously!