Day of the Irish (and the Kyles)

So, it's date time! I presented Tim with a list of eight tasks -- of which he needed to complete FOUR (since it's been four years since we started dating). There were a variety of options, all having to do with 'four' or 'green'. He chose the easiest options. I thought he might take a few more risks, but no -- it was play-it-safe night. :) I'm especially sad we skipped the four scoops of green ice cream.

Tim's reaction to the idea of a photo scavenger hunt...

The first task -- pose with a green tractor. Fairly easy.

Avocado sandwich -- almost everything inside the bread is GREEN. And yummy.

Mazidra -- like a haystack with lentils and brown rice. GOOD.

BASIC GREEN -- from the juice bar. Really tasty!! Better than it looks...

Task #3 -- pose with a green mountain bike, shirtless.

Hunting for a four-leaf clover...

Yes, it's got four leaves, but it's a mutant!!