Family Fun

I've been off the air lately since Tim's parents are visiting. We've enjoyed showing our cute son off -- boy, does he know how to 'work the system'. :) He knows he's very special. It's been tons of fun.

Unfortunately, we (Tim, Peter and I) have all been sick -- runny noses, coughing and funny-sounding voices. We HOPE we don't pass on the germs to 'Munga & Munga', especially since their anniversary is coming up this week. They say it's worth it, but what a sad end to the vacation getting sick would be. Stay well!

Tim and I HATE getting sick. It limits our social life and makes us lonely. And we feel bad when other people get sick because we didn't limit our social life enough. It's especially annoying when we still have energy and want to have fun in the midst of our contagiousness. So, we've been working on home projects -- getting a LOT done on our raised beds. Thanks for the help, Ken and Robin!

We're hoping to get out to the playground before the sun decides to go on holiday again. Just waiting for the cute one to wake up.