Love the Month of May

My OB appointment today was not too far from routine -- pee in a cup, see how much weight was gained, blood pressure check, listen to the heart-beat, get measured, talk to the doctor. In addition I had to drink a sweet syrupy liquid (much like orange soda) and get my blood drawn to check for gestational diabetes.

The part I found most interesting was that my fundal height measured 29 weeks along and according to my due date calculations, I'm only 26 weeks along. This could mean a number of different things -- baby is sitting in a weird position, baby is BIG, or maybe when I thought I had my last period wasn't really when I had my last period. Could that last one have been spotting?? The doctor isn't willing to place any bets on that. But he did say it might be wise to have another ultrasound down the road a month or two just to double check on the size of the baby.

Like Tim says -- we don't want to be shipped off to Spokane with a 'preemie' that turns out to be 8 pounds and full term.

May baby after-all?? I will TRY not to get my hopes up.