One More Disaster??

It's been one of those mornings. We're just finishing up breakfast and Peter finds a big knife within reach (oops!). He goes running off with it knowing he's in trouble. I cringe, trying to be calm and not worsen the situation. I quickly apprehend the weapon and the situation is normalized. Peter later comes to give my leg a hug with blueberry fingers -- now I'm trying to wash out the stains on my pant leg.

Then I see mud shoe prints on the floor -- the white tile floor I just slaved over yesterday (ruining my back). It was clean until my happy husband brought garden dirt in on his shoes last night (or was it this morning, hunny?). Back to sweeping and mopping and back-pain.

Then I hear -- 'diaper, diaper' -- turns out Peter's diaper has leaked (again) and his pj's are soaked AND poopy. I valiantly try to carry him over to the changing table and clean up the mess. I say 'bath time' and he RUNS to the bath -- naked (a favorite tradition). I'm just getting the water running while he stands by the tub -- peeing on the linoleum floor.

WHAT NEXT??? Now Peter is saying 'poopy, poopy' and I'm HOPING he hasn't let loose in the bathwater. :( Momma said there'd be days like this...