The Young and the Restless

Lately I've been boring. I'm pregnant, with a sore back, and all I want to do is sit around. Lately Peter has been active. He's a growing boy, with a desire to learn, and all he wants to do is run and play. Bad combination!

I've realized that I need to exert more energy planning fun activities for us both to do together. This will help pass the time, help create a positive environment, and hopefully help reduce the frustrated fit-throwing that result from stir-crazy child interacting with boring mom.

I think this website is just what I need. It is chock full of interesting activities and age-appropriate books/songs/skills for my toddler! I've been working on Kindergarten lesson-planning, thinking that was about as young as it gets, but take a look at this stuff!!

So, I'm more excited about the possibilities for fun times ahead. I want to make each day something we look back on with smiles. I think we'll try some of these ideas right away!