Peter's grandparents left yesterday morning. Peter waved bye-bye, but then spent the rest of the day asking where they were. 'More munga?' he would say over and over again. Poor guy. Poor me!! I explained to him that they had gone away, gone home -- that there would be other times to see them. We looked at pictures to remember the fun we'd just had with them. He'd be fine for a few minutes...then ask again.

Later in the evening he started adding others to the list. 'Savannah? Allison?' 'Kailani?' 'Maddaly?' 'Petra?' 'More swimming?' 'Munga and munga?' Definitely having withdrawals. It's tough going from all the loving attention two grandparents have to give to the daily grind with mommy.

We took a drive to try to get his mind off it -- drove past all the horses, cows, and goats we could find and listened to their noises. The goats were the most cooperative - 'maaaaa, maaaaaa'.

So it was early to bed for the poor little guy -- we'll see if he wakes up crying for his 'mungas' again.