I've been working on Kindergarten lesson plans since about November, I think. With the coming arrival of baby #2, I wanted to have some structure ready for Peter (even though we probably won't start these lessons until he's at least 4 years old). I have daily activities planned for Math and Language, and then weekly activities for Art, Music, Social Studies, and Science (we'll probably do one subject each day and take a break on Friday). PE and Bible will have weekly themes that we'll explore during worship time and playtime.

I just finished planning out the Language lessons -- the last of the bunch. So I'm done! Now I'd like to print out the pages and make up a binder of sorts so I'll have easy access to the information when I need it. I feel like this is a pretty big accomplishment and something I'll be thankful for in the days to come. I hope so!

I've also completed two of the books on my list today -- Finishing Becca by Ann Rinaldi and The Sacred Romance by Curtis and Eldredge. I'm getting quite saturated with historical fiction and ready for something lighter, maybe some more James Herriot. I struggled through The Sacred Romance...didn't find it very engaging until the Epilogue! I'm still chewing on some really great stuff from the last few pages.

Now, if we can just get the garden beds dug up and planted AND get our laminate flooring installed, we'll be ready for the lil' kicker to arrive!