Mini Vacation Part One

What possessed me to take my toddler and pregnant self on a two-day trip to the coast, solo?? :) I guess I wanted to prove I could do it. Peter and I were both feeling really restless and needed to get away for awhile. See some country. Explore new places. That's what we did!!

Tuesday afternoon I made the final decision -- we were going. We left at 3am Wednesday morning and kept to the schedule all day -- arriving around 9am when Tulip Town opened, spending a bit of time and money at the Burlington Outlet Shops, eating lunch at the Olive Garden, heading over to Pioneer RV Park to take a nap in our little cabin, then enjoying a meal and playtime with Peter's 2nd cousins in Mt. Vernon. And back to the cabin for bedtime.

The tulips were great!!! We drove by huge fields all planted in one color -- red was really astounding. Tulip Town had rows and rows in different colors like a rainbow. Probably 80% of the flowers were in full bloom. AND we were lucky enough to have sunshine!! Peter enjoyed riding the tractor -- it was pretty bumpy, so he held on tight! Got some great pictures -- check out the link below for more.

For more pictures of tulips and the rest of our trip click here.