Mini Vacation Part Two

We don't need to talk about the night -- just remember I'm 33 weeks pregnant and this is the mattress I slept on...or didn't sleep...very well...

We woke up to the happy tweet-tweet of birdies outside our cabin window. It wasn't raining!! Another nice day. After a quick breakfast and hot shower we were off to Anacortes to wait in line for our ferry boat. Plan was to arrive at Lopez Island at 9:35, visit Shark Reef and Agate Beach, have lunch at the bakery and be back for the 11:00 ferry ride back to the mainland.

Whoops! I didn't take into consideration the size of the island and that Agate Beach was 20 miles from the ferry landing (other end of island) on 35 mph roads! We did make it to Shark Reef, but then discovered there was a bit of a hike down a nice woodsy trail to the beach. I didn't know how far, but we walked for 10 minutes or so and decided to turn around. No time for that! And I didn't want to carry heavy toddler all the way back to the car. We had just enough time for a bite to eat at the bakery, then got in line for the ferry, none too soon. UNFORTUNATELY, the ferry reached full capacity BEFORE we boarded. :( There were three cars in front of us when the lady with the yellow vest said, "sorry -- all full!" I cried.

First major schedule upset. Peter wouldn't be getting his three-hour nap in the cabin, with his blanket and piggy. And the next ferry wouldn't leave until 1:35pm. I cried some more. I wish I could say I handled it without any emotional upset and thought of reasons why this would work out better...but that took awhile. Finally I decided we might as well see a little more of this crazy island (since we were STUCK on it). We found a great little beach -- and I was able to capture a fun video of Peter splashing in the water (and getting his last pair of pants all wet and sandy)!

Peter handled the disappointment of missing the ferry better than I -- he fell asleep in the car. :) Managed to get a 90 minute nap, without too many interruptions (he slept for part of the ferry ride too). We made it back to the RV Park with just enough time to grab our stuff and make the 3pm check-out time. Goodbye cabin!

And we were off -- back in the direction of home. YAY! I was ready for this adventure to be over. We stopped at the Old Spaghetti Factory for a meal (YUM) and Peter and I polished off two salads, a loaf of bread, some broccoli and a serving of Fettuccine Alfredo! Plenty of fuel for the trip home. Which is a long time to sit in the car, by the way. We were in the car from around 12 noon until 10:15 that night when we arrived home, with just a couple breaks.

So, I think it was a fun trip, with great memories and pictures. Definitely worth it. But I don't want to go again for a long time. It's out of my system. Peter is happily playing with his toys and I'm happily sitting in my chair. No need for any more adventure at this point. :)

I took tons of pictures -- check them out at