More Fun Than I Imagined!

This morning I was showered with love and gifts from friends and family. It was fabulous! At first, I was afraid of all the attention and worried I wouldn't say or do the right things. But I soon realized what a great group of friends I have -- they put me at ease and made me feel so special! Thanks to all of you.

I'm overwhelmed with all the cute clothes and gifts that were exactly what I wanted/needed. And the games were so fun! First, everyone tried to guess how big around I am (with strips of toilet paper), then we played a game where we had to match ultrasound pictures to body parts (like which picture shows a foot, or lips), and finally Baby Bingo! I loved it. We laughed a LOT.

And the food was AMAZING. Fruit, muffins, cakes, tator tot casserole, granola and yoghurt, ETC. I don't really think I'll need to eat again today!!!

Yeah...I'm still basking in the love. Thanks guys. :)