This has been a LONG time coming. Ever since we moved into this house almost two years ago, I've had a 'hate-hate relationship' with our carpet. It shows everything! In order to keep it in semi-nice condition I think we'd need to shampoo at least once a month. We've had strawberry juice stains, blueberry juice stains, tomato sauce, milk, and embarrassing to say -- pee and poopy stains as well. It's time to RIP IT OUT!!

We finally found a good sale price on laminate flooring at Home Depot. Nice Antique Oak laminate with all the things we wanted. I'm pretty sure it'll look fabulous. After many hassles with shipping and delivery, it's finally sitting in our house acclimating. Installation is scheduled for next week -- Monday and Tuesday. So by my birthday on Wednesday it should be finished and looking beautiful! Hooray!