I'm so thankful today is such a happy day, even with the high clouds. It's still warm enough to keep the windows open. Blessed fresh air. The happy days are the ones that pass quickly with plenty to keep Peter occupied and little complaining from either of us.

We enjoyed storytime at the library again this morning -- Peter's become 'an old pro' at it...he knows exactly what to do! Get a carpet square to sit on, clap and say 'yay' after each story (very enthusiastically), and return the carpet square to its home when finished! I'm so proud of my little boy. He sat on the floor by himself while I sat in a chair towards the back of the room -- just didn't want to mess up my back by sitting on the floor this time. It's been feeling quite a bit better lately.

I've been impatiently waiting for my next OB appointment -- it's been over a month since the last one (when my fundal height measured three weeks ahead) and I'm curious to see how I 'measure up' this time! Most comments I hear lately go like this: 'wow, when are you due? not 'till June? must be twins in there...' So, I'm anxious to get my doctor's opinion and possibly get a more clear due date. Although that's not something anyone likes to nail down.

Even though I'm anxious to know my real due date, I've actually been feeling much more OK with being pregnant. I haven't been in as much pain, have been sleeping like a log, am enjoying the kicks and wiggles, and haven't felt like it's getting in the way of my taking care of Peter as much. So, I'm fine with being pregnant for a few more weeks! Good thing, eh? I might have as many as 10 weeks left!! haha