36 Week Appointment

Well -- I wish I had something exciting to share. Really. :) You probably don't want to hear about my wet underwear (keep wondering if it's amniotic fluid, but pretty sure it's the other stuff). My doctor was VERY distracted today...got the job done, repeated himself a couple times, then his pager went off and he waved goodbye. Guess I'm not at the top of his priority list!

The couple things he did say surprised me -- he doesn't do episiotomies (thinks tearing can be sewn up just as easily) and tries not to use any other interventions at all. In a perfect world, this would suit me just fine, but with Peter's birth I found MOST of the interventions helpful. After two hours of pushing, who wouldn't want the help of an episiotomy and some vacuum suction to get that big head out?? I guess if it's going to save me a c-section, I'll take any other intervention you've got.

I'm thankful he's not into pitocin, however. I can do without that stuff. He said if I needed to be induced, he would just go ahead and break my water. And then let me walk and walk and walk until contractions start. Yay. I'm just hoping my body knows what to do this time. Come on -- it's your second try -- get it right!!

So, I'm a *finger-tip* dilated and still thick, with a BIG baby inside. That's all I know. Anyone want to make bets? Cast lots? Read my palm? haha j/k